The Women’s Court of Canada

Listen to Adamant Eve tonight at 5:30 to hear Laura Collison’s interview with Jennifer Koshan of the Women’s Court of Canada.

The Women’s Court of Canada is a group of academics, lawyers, and equality activists who came together to rewrite decisions of the Supreme Court which they felt were lacking in consideration of section 15. The result is six decisions which were published in Volume 18 of the Canadian Journal of Women and the Law.

In March of this year, four members of the WCC came to the University of Alberta, spoke about the Court and conducted workshops on their respective decisions. Professor Koshan spoke about N.A.P.E.; Gwen Brodsky spoke about Gosselin v. Quebec (Attorney General); Sharon McIvor spoke about Native Women’s Association of Canada v. Canada; and Melina Buckley, who rewrote Symes v. Canada spoke about her work with the suit filed against the government of British Columbia by the Canadian Bar Association demanding the government recognize civil legal aid as a consititutional right. It was a facistnating afternoon and luckily for Eve listeners we recorded it and will be playing the lectures on upcoming shows.

Laura spoke with Professor Koshan in June and tonight we’ll hear them talk about the formation of the Women’s Court, about the N.A.P.E. case, which Professor Koshan chose to rewrite, about pay equity, and much more.

Tune in tonight at 5:30 to CJSR 88.5 FM or listen live at

UPDATE: You can now click here to listen to the podcast.

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