Voices for Choices visit Adamant Eve

The show was LIVE today and we had some special guests!

J’aime and Taryn from Voices for Choices were awesome and came to talk to us about what the morning after pill/plan b/emergency contraceptive pill (ECP) is in response to an Edmonton Journal article that said ECP was equivalent to abortion. We clarified that ECP is NOT abortion, but in facts prevents pregnancy. We also talked about the importance of access to women seeking abortions and how legal rights don’t do much good if one doesn’t have access. You can learn more about Voice for Choices by checking out their facebook page.

Laura C. read an essay by Jessalynn Keller, Sorry, Can’t do Raunch today, which criticizes the idea that feminist “empowerment” and self esteem come from being sexy to get what you want.  We’ll be featuring an interview with Jessalynn on a future episode, but for now you can check out her blog, Brazen Beauties which provides critical commentary on representations of girlhood in popular culture.

Derek gave us on update on the failure of Edmonton police to warn women about a rapist in Millwoods. EPS said they don’t release warnings after the hundreds of sexual assualts ever year, but in this case they knew the assailant’s identity and they knew he was using social networking sites to meet his victims. On Monday he escaped arrest, the police didn’t let the public know, and then he offended again. For more information, check out the CBC’s coverage here and here. You can read the Edmonton Journal’s coverage here, here and here.

We also had Eve alumnus, Lesley, who spoke about the despicable way the University of Carleton is behaving following a sexual assault on campus. In 2007, a woman was sexually assaulted while she was working in a lab late at night. She is suing the university, alleging that they did not do enough to ensure the security and safety of their staff and students. In a classic case of victim-blaming, Carleton is saying the woman is at fault for being female while working not protecting herself while working. You can read more about the story from Canada News Wire and the Ottawa Citizen. (Sidenote: A big Feminist Fuck You, goes out to the Calgary Herald for running the headline “Woman didn’t do enough to prevent assault: Carleton University”)

Since the attack, the university has spent $1.6 upgrading security (which calls in to questions claims that they had adequate security…). However, they continue to blame the victim and despite students voting overwhelmingly in favour of forming a sexual assault centre, it has not yet happened.  This is ludicrous. Please take the time to write an email to the president of Carleton University, Dr. Roseann O’Reilly Runte, and let her know Carleton should stand behind its students, not assault them all over again by blaming victims. The Carleton website is down right now, but as soon as it’s back up we’ll get her email address and provide a link! For now, you can email the Board of Governors at governors@carleton.ca

UPDATE: Contact the president at  presidents_office@carleton.ca

Check back for the podcast, which I’ll put up as soon as I figure out how to post a live show!

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