It’s fundrive!

Fundrive is where CJSR gets a lot of its funding, so that we can keep bringing you that awesomeness that is Adamant Eve. Because for those who didn’t know, our show is entirely volunteer run and CJSR is funded primarily through your contributions! So if you love our show, and all the other amazing shows CJSR offers, then this is your chance to support us and make a difference. It doesn’t take that much from each of you, and means that we can keep broadcasting to Edmonton and beyond! 🙂

In the spirit of Fundrive, Adamant Eve is bring you two, yes TWO consecutive live shows. The first is this Friday at 5:30, followed by another one next week as well. Don’t miss them! You can call in and donate while you’re listening to show your support!

For more info on Fundrive, like how you can receive cool swag for donating or how to donate online, check out

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