New Podcasts!

The latest podcasts are now available on our CJSR News Page!

On our second FunDrive show the theme was Resistance! Jocelyn, Laura, Saba, and Derek brought you a little bit of Adamant Eve’s history, including a clip from our first show, talked about the Roman Polanski case, and played part of our interview with prison activist, Vikki Law.  Again, thank you so much to everyone who donated and supported feminist news in Edmonton!

On October 9th, Saba hosted with some awesome spoken word pieces, Sam brought us Radio Eve with Get Together by T. Nile, and we play the first part of Laura’s interview with Vikki Law. This part of the interview is about activist parenting and how non-parents can be allies in activist movements. For more information, check out the blog

And most recently on Adamant Eve, Laura has the news with information about the Coalition for a Nuclear Free Alberta, Sam brought us an awesome feature, an interview with Esther Kane, author of It’s Not About the Food: A Women’s Guide to Finding Peace with Food and Our Bodies about eating disorders and body image, and Jocelyn had a powerful critique of the recent article in the Edmonton Journal bemoaning the fact that women have begun to out-number men in universities, but failing to mention that women’s enrollment drops in advanced degree programs, women hold few top positions, and women still earn 30 less than men.

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