Feminism in Italy and Riot Grrrls

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Melanie interviewed Dr. William Anselmi about a recent wave of feminism in Italy that started because of sexist remarks made by Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi directed towards female democratic opponent Rosy Bindi. They talked about Berlusconi’s government and the role that Italian woman play in politics.


Laura played an excerpt of a Laura Flander’s interview with Kathleen Hanna of Bikini Kill and Le Tigre for GRITtv.  Hanna she talks about learning from mistakes, what’s gotten better and how bad it was, and the power of zines. Check out Laura Flander’s GRITtv for the rest of the interview.

Kathleen Hanna has recently donated her papers, including zines and correspondence to New York University for it’s new Riot Grrrl collection. She has also created a blog to archive memories of Bikini Kill. We’re so excited that this piece of feminist history is being celebrated and preserved.

On Radio Eve we played Trapped in a Box, an old song from No Doubt.

Also on the show today, the following announcement for those in the Garneau area:

There is a person (or people) looking in windows at night in this neighbourhood and photographing/videotaping women in the privacy of their own homes. This person (or people) will trespass on property and will use hard to reach windows. This has been happening for several months and continues to be a problem. This is unacceptable, criminal behaviour.

This notice is being distributed to increase awareness in the neighbourhood and keep you informed. Please keep your eyes open for any such activity and spread the word. If you have any information on the issue please contact the police or email a.safe.garneau@gmail.com.

Police Phone Number: 780-423-4567

Listen to the podcast

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