Inside/OUT Speakers’ Series tonight!

Inside/OUT Speakers’ Series Presents:

I Won’t Discuss Who I’m Dating: Reading Same Sex Celebrity Gossip in Hollywood and on Broadway
Presented by Wes D. Pearce, Head, Theatre Department, University of Regina

This illustrated talk, examines the ways in which same sex gossip has historically been used to ‘control’ leading men and women of both stage and screen. Arguing that the use of same sex celebrity gossip has been especially effective in ‘containing’ film stars, the use of same sexuality gossip has (surprisingly) been equally effective in ‘controlling’ stage actors. What is the relationship between the position of power and gossip? What, if any, is the role of gossip in maintaining a performative ‘gay ghetto’? What is the connection/nature between performing public sexual identity and destabilizing gossip?

Date: Thursday, 18 March 2010
Time: 5:00 – 6:00
Location: 7-152 Education North Building, Faculty of Education, University of Alberta

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