Hate Flyer Alert!

We’re passing on this information and standing in solidarity with the students of MacEwan Univeristy as they deal with Bill Whatcott spreading hate in their dorms and on their campus.

It has been reported that a hate flyer is being distributed by BILL WHATCOTT and it is targeting university/college residences. Although, no flyers have been reported at the University of Alberta, this may occur.

If you witness any suspicious activity, please contact campus security immediately.

Grant MacEwan Campus Security at 780-497-5555

UofA Campus Security at 780-492-5050

If you have received this flyer, please alert the Edmonton Police Service’s Hate Crimes Unit by calling 780-421-3489 and leave your name, contact number, and date/time of the incident.

It is important that these hate incidents are reported!

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at epslgbtq@yahoo.ca

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