Today’s Show!

From today’s Adamant Eve:

What if Black Women Were White Women? Sam reads this piece that confronts the racism in society’s common treatment of different groups of women. We got this from the blog Alienated Conclusions.

Sarah gave us a heads up about a piece from Democracy Now called “Study: Median Wealth for Single Black Women: $100, Single Hispanic Women: $120, Single White Women: $41,000”. Check it out!

Next up was an interview with Derrick O’Keefe, the editor of Malalai Joya’s autobiography A Woman Among Warlords (originally released as Raising My  Voice). This interview is from Red Eye, a Vancouver-based radio show and it first aired last August. You can find their podcasts and lots of other great, progressive news on Rabble.

Melanie had events and news. Here’s more info on upcoming events:  This Sunday there is a women and trans only bike repair workshop through the Edmonton Bicycle Commuters organization.

Check out the link for more info.

Also, APIRG‘s alt-sex series continues next week. Coming up:

APIRG is joining forces with the What Sorts Network to present two workshops next week.

The first is  FemmeGimp and her Queer/Crip Sidekicks: Adventures in the Land of the Benevolent Normates!
This workshop will be held on Tuesday, April 20 from 5:30 – 7pm in the Telus Centre’s Room 134, on the UofA Campus

For this workshop, Edmonton’s Lucas Crawford and Danielle Peers join Toronto’s Loree Erickson to bravely explore the normative confines of contemporary sexuality and ability politics, and in to use their superpowers to illuminate the radical potential of counter-normative spaces, practices, embodiments and theory.

The second workshop is: Lame is Sexy: Radical Disability Politics

It will be facilitated by Loree Erickson and held on  Thursday, April 22, 2010,  from 5- 7pm,  in the Telus Building Room 134 on U of A Campus

This workshop provides a space for new and continued learning regarding disability, accessibility, sexuality with in larger anti-oppression and social justice frameworks.

Topics of discussion could include, but are not limited to: the interplay between various definitions of disability and systemic oppression a.k.a. stereotypes, models of disability (charity, medical, social and radical) and a discussion of how various understandings of disability impact people’s lives, how we resist, and social organization; how do we ensure that the work that we do is truly accessible within an inaccessible world?; planning accessible sex positive events: the joys and the barriers; taking some time to look at the work people are doing and how it relates to disability organizing; and so on and so on.

Please register with Jess to attend this workshop. Email her at

We finished off with Anatomy by Bronze Leaf, an Edmonton band! You can check them out on April 29 at The Hydeaway.

Stay tuned for this podcast 🙂

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