Save Womanspace!

Womanspace Resource Centre in Lethbridge has been denied funding from Status of Women Canada for the first time in 25 years. This means Womanspace is no longer to provide any services – including the financial literacy services they had been providing to low income women in the community. Last year, Womanspace helped nearly 1000 women do things like open bank accounts, do their taxes, and manage their money. Now they have to turn those women away.

Womanspace is one of the few explicitly feminist organizations in the province. In addition to their work on the ground, they published Martha’s Monthly, a newsletter examining public policy in Alberta through a feminist lens.

This is a huge loss to for the women of Lethbridge and the entire province.

Womanspace is currently looking for new funding to allow them to re-open. They need your support to help governments understand that this is an important service that needs to be funded.

Contact Minister of the Status of Women Rona Ambrose, the prime minister, and your MP.

While you’re at it, contact Womanspace’s MP, Rick Casson and let him know how disappointing his lack of action is.

This has also drawn attention at the provincial level, so contact your MLA.

You can also donate! Simply follow that link, or go to their page and click Donate!

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