I see London, I see France…

I see Melanie’s underpants!

Adamant Eve’s Melanie is taking part in this year’s Underwear Affair, an event to raise money and awareness for cancers below the waist.

The event is a ridiculously good time with lots of costumes and enthusiasm to get people excited and help break down the embarrassment many people have about things “below the waist” that may prevent them from talking to their doctor.

From the website:

Participation in the Underwear Affair helps lift the taboo connected with cancers below the waist.  Why are these cancers considered “taboo”? These cancers affect areas of the body that may be uncomfortable to talk about and that are often seen as embarrassing or shameful. Some people may not even want to see a physician to get screened for these types of cancers. This makes care and treatment an unexplored option to some of those who need it. Shedding light on these cancers means more awareness and more funding, making research and treatment a reality.

Melanie’s team, the Rydell Runners is hosting a silent auction fundraiser tomorrow, May 1. So head down to the Starbucks on Ellerslie and Parsons between 7am and 8pm to bid and donate!

Come out June 19 to cheer her on, or better yet, DONATE today!

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