Severely Queer

Tune in to Adamant Eve next week for our feature on the attack on Shannon Barry, how the police have handled the case, and how people in Edmonton are reacting.

One of the responses has been the formation of The Community Response Project. What started out as a facebook group may be growing in to a movement. Over 40 people attended a meeting last very rainy Wednesday night to talk about what the community can do in the face of this. There were a lot of great ideas discussed, so join the facebook group, sign up for the list serve, stay tuned to the blog and tune in to Gaywire and Adamant Eve for updates and more information in the coming weeks.


Events that weren’t originally planned to address all of this, but are now becoming part of the response, are coming up in two weeks. Severely Queer will be presenting a talk and workshop with Kenyon Farrow.

On May 14, from 7-9pm at the Jubilee Auditorium, Farrow will speak on WHOSE STREETS? Exploring Race, Sex & The Politics of Gentrification in Progressive and Radical Organizing.

On May 15 from 12-4pm he will facilitate a workshop called MAKING MOVEMENT: Organizing Strategies for Racial, Gender & Economic Justice.

To register for the workshop and for information about accessibility, email


Kenyon Farrow speaks at the plenary session “HIV/AIDS Crisis: This Is What We’re Doing About it!” held Saturday, Jan. 31, at the 21st National Conference on LGBT Equality: Creating Change.

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