Solidarity with workers!

Alberta Views has a fantastic May issue. The theme is labour and they’ve done an outstanding job of telling the stories of women workers. The best part might be that the articles aren’t some one-off special feminist feature, they’re interspersed throughout the magazine, normalized in a way that’s really fucking feminist. The feature on MP Linda Duncan focuses on her amazing career without comment on her personal life. There is also an excellent article by Shannon Phillips, whom we spoke with about Womanspace Resource Centre last week, on what the lack of social supports in the province mean for working women.

The theme of the issue is labour because…

Tomorrow is May Day! Come out for a rally and march and join in solidarity.  This year’s theme is Boom or Bust: In Workers Struggle We Trust.

The march will begin at 4pm at Giovanni Caboto Park at 95th Street and 108A Avenue.

Martha Grevatt of Workers World Party, United Auto Workers, and Pride at Work, speaks on the history of May 1st.

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