This Week’s Feminist News

Today, Sam brings us our weekly feminist news and events. Follow the links for more information on all of these stories!


Conservative senator Nancy Ruth told a gathering women’s rights advocated to “shut the f–k up” about abortion and the G8 maternal health intiative Monday Morning. Ruth herself is a pro-choice supporter – her warning was given because of the current political environment in Canada.  But, as has already been said, shutting up has never been a successful tactic in the battle for women’s rights. As mentioned in the above links, Ruth’s comments are indicative of the dire political situation for feminist action in Canada – 11 women’s rights organizations have had their funding cut in the last three weeks. While distressing, these cuts are not unsurprising. The Conservatives have introduced several anti-choice bills to parliament, closed 12 of 16 offices of Status of Women Canada, axed the court challenges program, and abolished the right to pay equity. They also have the lowest representation of women in their party. According to the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Index, Canada has fallen from 14th in the world in 2006 to 31st in 2010.

Next up in the news was the latest complaints of senior abuse at an Edmonton seniors home, Open Arms Family Care. Jeanne Marie Hackama, owner of the home, was charged last week with assault. Other complaints against the home date back to 2004.

We also covered a study out of Vancouver that recommends high doses of vitamin d for pregnant women, Al Jazeera‘s debut in Canada, and the latest attempt at amending the Indian Act for gender equality: Bill C-3. In addition to checking out the excellent linked story, you can also check our Raise Your Voice! section for extended recording where we have Sharon McIver talking about Native Women’s Association of Canada v. Canada.

International news of the week included four stories. Norway was ranked first in Save the Children’s 11th annual Mothers’ Index with Canada ranking 20th, a deal was reached with FIFA so that the Iranian girls’ football team could compete in the Youth Olympics with their hair covered, a symbolic photo the Saudi King and his brother with 40 bare-faced women is drawing attention to the changes underfoot for women in Saudi Arabia, and a new study shows that aboriginal women in Alaska are twice as likely to be sexually assaulted than the national average.

That was all the news we had time for! Here are some other stories you might be interested in:
-Women in Senegal begin driving taxis
-Oral contraceptives have their 50th anniversary
Muslim women in Manitoba are denouncing legislation in Quebec that could limit women’s choice to wear the niqab
-Italian woman fined over wearing a face-covering veil
-Muslims, academics, and human rights activists are angry over the looming ban of face-covering veils in Belgium
-The Edmonton Law Enforcement Review Board ruled that EPS was more concerned about its reputation than getting to the bottom of a racist email sent in 2002
-African grandmothers have gathered in Swaziland to discuss the impact of HIV/Aids on their lives

Keep checking back during the week for news postings! Also check out Feministing, Rabble, Shameless Magazine, Bitch Magazine, Herizons Magazine, and all the awesome blogs we link to on the sidebar for more feminist goodness 😀


Padmanadi, an excellent vegetarian restaurant here in Edmonton, is holding a Mother’s Day Buffet tonight. They are open until 10. First come first serve – no reservations. They are located at 10626-97st and you can give them a call at (780) 428 – 8899.

GELA is holding a book sale this weekend. For all the info, check out this entry.

Severely Queer has an upcoming talk and workshop with Kenyon Farrow. All you need to know is here.

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