Punishment for Anti-Choicers at the University of Calgary

It isn’t often that anti-choicers receive punishment for their harmful action but this time they did. Here’s a quote from the CBC story:

Eight University of Calgary students engaged in non-academic misconduct when they refused to turn their graphic anti-abortion signs away from passersby on campus, the school’s vice-provost has ruled.

The students, who are members of the Campus Pro-Life Club, were accused of failing to comply with campus security procedures in connection with a display they put up in April depicting aborted fetuses.

The penalty is a formal, written warning.

The university said the students, who had been facing expulsion, failed to comply with requests from security staff to turn the signs around and could face harsher penalties in the future if they don’t comply with campus regulations.

The picture that accompanied the article is below the jump. Disgusting.

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