Not a great day in Canada

Here’s two news items that don’t make us happy:

Across the country anti-choicers had their annual March for Life. Which is an ironic name for an anti-choice rally as we know that abortion occurs at the same rate regardless of whether the safe and legal variety of the procedure is available. The difference? More death and injury results when abortions aren’t legalized. With this understanding, what the March for Life is really promoting is more women dying (along with their embryos or fetuses). Furthermore, the largely religious reasoning behind anti-choice sentiments such as those of today’s marchers have no place in a political discussion on women’s right to choose. As Canadians, we fundamentally value the separation of church and state.

In Saskatchewan, its being argued in a top court that marriage commissioners should not have to marry same-sex couples if it is against their religion. This issue apparently pits the right to marriage against the right to religion. What must be acknowledged is that religions can be heterosexist, racist, sexist, etc. and that their status as a religion provides no excuse for such prejudices or hateful beliefs. If a priest were to argue that it was against his beliefs, religious or otherwise, to marry interracial couples (click the link for an infuriating story), this would be unaccaeptable. The same is true here.

On the bright side, Italy will have its first female priest later this month when Maria Longhitano is ordained. She says this progressive move will help to break down the prejudice in the church.

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