Quebec Demands Harper Stop with Abortion Abiguity

Here’s a refreshing story from the Globe and Mail:

The Quebec National Assembly has taken aim at the Harper government over abortion and demanded Wednesday that it stop being so ambiguous on the issue.

Politicians on both sides of the chamber have unanimously adopted, by a margin of 109-0, a pro-choice motion.

That motion demands that the federal government continue respecting free access to abortion, end its “ambiguity” on the matter, and stop cutting funding to women’s groups that favour abortion.

The Harper government has, in fact, promised not to legislate on abortion.

But its refusal to fund abortions as part of a G8 maternal-health initiative is among several recent events that have reopened the passionate debate, which has long been dormant on the federal stage.

The motion will be transmitted, provincial politicians say, to the federal House of Commons and Senate.

The motion adopted reads as follows:

“That [Quebec’s] National Assembly reaffirms the right of women to free choice and to free and accessible abortion services, and asks the federal government and the prime minister of Canada to put an end to the current ambiguity on this issue, and that the National Assembly reaffirms that the fact of supporting women’s right to an abortion should not in any case be used by the federal government to cut funding to a women’s group.

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