Save Aukland Suffrage Memorial!

This is the Aukland Suffrage Memorial in New Zealand. It combines beautiful artwork with a staircase and fountain. Unfortunately it is being threatened by urban planners’ desire to replace it with a ‘more aesthetic’ set of stairs.   From Feministing:

Worldwide, women not only have to fight to earn our place in history, we must fight to preserve the memory of it. This memorial is a triumphant reminder of a major milestone in women’s history, the threat to its survival is a tragic reminder of the need for a continued fight. You can get involved in saving the memorial, no matter where you are in the world, by visiting this site, joining their facebook group, and/or by writing to the Auckland City Council. Let’s tell city planners that all women care about our shared history, and save the Auckland Women’s Suffrage Memorial!

Print off a petition, get your friends to sign, and send it to The National Council of Women of New Zealand, P.O. Box 9644, Newmarket, Auckland 1149, as soon as possible, but to be received no later than 17 August 2010. (International postage is just $1.70 from Canada!) You can also email your petition to

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