Feminist superheros at Nextfest!

Nextfest 2010 is in full swing! This festival of emerging artists is a great chance to see the young talent this city has in abundance.

There is a full schedule packed with amazing-ness, but we wanted to draw your attention to a particularly special show. It’s part of a larger show, called Dance or Die, which starts tonight and also runs Thursday and Sunday.

Co-Conspirators: Wanted

For this dance, each of us created our own superhero (with – gasp! – a feminist twist). 😉

Come see seven amazing women exploring the connection between movement and politics. Questioning what it means to be a woman in a dominantly patriarchal culture and how our relationship with ourselves, our bodies, and each other is influenced by our oppression.

Funny, entertaining and poignant. Strong, soft, and totally going to rock your socks off.

Choreographer/Dancer: Nicole Perry

Dancers: Fiona Williams, Mariel Day, Kerri Crozier-McGeough, Abby Espejo Nugent, Ariana Barer, Joelle Prefontaine

Music by: Joelle Prefontaine, Nico Rivela and Ariana Barer

Performance times:
Tues June 8, 7:30pm
Thurs June 10, 9:00pm
Sun June 13, 5:00pm

“Women can be kicked when we are down, but no one is stupid or strong enough to kick us when we are standing up, all, together -Inga Muscio

(And that’s right, that’s Adamant Eve alumna Ariana!)

Come check it out at the Roxy!

And if you come tonight, stay and check out the fantastic play, The Juvyline Cubangbang Show (it got the nod from SEE for best theatre of the festival), and then for the musical stylings of Lyra Brown – who we recently played on the show 🙂

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