At least the lead is narrowing….

The most recent poll suggests the Conservatives lead is narrowing, as the gap between Conservatives and Liberals drops from 5.5% last week to 4.6% this week.

Need we remind you of why a Conservative lead is a disappointing thing? We will anyways:

Huge cuts to funding of women’s organizations (to the point that Senator Nancy Ruth told women’s groups to “shut the f–k up” about abortion to avoid further cuts)
-Failure to include abortion in the G8 maternal health care plan (and inclusion of contraceptives only after being pressured)
-Introduction of anti-choice legislation to parliament
Closure of 12 of the 16 Status of Women Canada offices
-Removal of pay equity in  Canada
-Removal of the court challenges program that advocates for minorities, women, and the disabled
-Elimination of the phrase “gender equality” from the Status of Women Canada mandate
-Budget spending that favors men over women
-Lowest representation of women in their caucus (16%)
-The World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Index states that Canada has fallen from 14th in the world in 2006 to 31st in 2010

In other words, if you are pro-women, feminist, womanist, anti-sexist  or just believe in equality you simply cannot justify voting for Harper’s Conservatives. Keep this in mind next election!

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