Tonight We’re Going LIVE!

Tonight at 5:30 MST on CJSR 88.5 and Adamant Eve’s monthly live show will focus entirely on drag kings and gender bending. After last night’s escapades at the Artery, we have too much to say on our experiences with drag and have to bump fake feminism to a future show. Instead the whole feminist half hour will be filled with an oh-so-manly discussion that you won’t want to miss.

If you made it out to the Drag-On’s performance last night, you’ll already know what we’re talking about. Laura, Mel, and Saba rocked the facial hair as back up dancers during Too Many Dicks on the Dance Floor, and after watching from the audience, Sam terrified everyone with her looking-like-a-teenage-skater-boy hellos. Now we’ve had some time to reflect.

Don’t miss it! Tune in! 5:30! CJSR! BE THERE.

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