Alternative Summit

While the G8 Summit entertains the elite from the elite countries and works to meet corporate interests, an ‘Alternative Summit’ will also be taking place in Toronto.

“These really are world leaders coming together — and we’re doing it for less than a billion dollars,” says Mark Calzavara, COC’s regional organizer for Ontario and Quebec.

“The richest countries in the world getting together to decide the rules that apply to everybody, and that’s wrong. That’s not democracy,” he adds. “We’ve got to make sure that everybody understands that it doesn’t have to be this way. The more people that know about it, the better the chance that it will turn into boots-on-the-ground change.”

That change involves everything from clean drinking water for aboriginal Canadians to fighting free trade agreements with countries such as Colombia, where the government systematically commits violence against its own people.

Find more information and a list of main events here.

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