Christina Aguilera on Sexuality as Empowerment

Aguilera had some wise words on owning her own sexuality in the Daily Contributor today:

Christina Aguilera said in an interview with United Kingdom magazine Company for its July issue that she believes sexuality is a form of empowerment, that it is not owned just by men. She said that if she wants to be sexual it is for her own appreciation and enjoyment leading her to conclude that “That’s why I like to talk about the fact that sometimes I am attracted to women. I appreciate their femininity and beauty.”

She however declared that she is not a feminist, as she does not believe in labels. She said that her comments is her way in fighting “for women’s rights in the sense that we shouldn’t be ashamed of ourselves or our bodies.”

And while I’m getting tired of people avoiding the f-word while simultaneously promoting feminist politics, a refusal of labels is a slightly better reason than listing off myths about feminism (that it is a man-hating, egotistical movement with the goal of women ruling the world for example…). What’s great about this quote too is that while Aguilera claims her sexuality as her own, she also doesn’t seem to argue that sex is necessary for female empowerment. Because after all, feeling like we have to have sex to be empowered is just another way of pressuring women to trade their sexuality for social standing.

What are your thought on the topic of sexuality and empowerment?

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