Bad Image Choice EPS!

This is probably just an unfortunate coincidence, but this picture with the caption found on the Edmonton Police Service website seems to hold an uncomfortable message full of victim-blaming. Women are often more vulnerable simply because of their social position so what this ‘tip’ can easily end up reading as is that if you look like a woman, you are putting yourself at risk by being out in society. This is not a productive message – it’s a message that blames women for the crimes that occur to them and works to limit women in their social choices. It is also a very common narrative that often goes unquestioned, so when a picture tells that story, it is likely that the message is coming through for others loud and clear.

2 thoughts on “Bad Image Choice EPS!

  1. It reminds me of the documentary “The Line” which talks about how women are raised to be scared and fear society which promotes rape culture where rape is expected but made to seem only preventable by the women changing there actions.

  2. I find it ironic that an image such as this one, with the message that follows, is being published by the EPS. Here we live in a society where women appear in positions of vulnerability as well as passive and these are qualities that are supposed to be attractive. I can say on more than one occasion that I have been told to lighten up, or have a sense of humour (actually, I think I can be quite funny) all the while maintaining society’s definition of femininity. Then one wouldn’t want to be too light-hearted would they? That would leave a person in a position of vulnerability. To be taken advantage of.
    So, let me get this straight, I have to be passive, vulnerable, easy-going… Yet I’m supposed to at the same time not be all of those things?
    It’s hard to understand what the EPS is even trying to say because of all the mixed up messages we are recieving as women from the media. How does a woman not appear vulnerable? I really don’t understand. I can’t ever wear a low-cut top because I might get raped? Like how about we attempt to solve the real problem with society here. The media makes it okay to victimize women because women are seeing images where they think they have to look a certain way to get attention. This is a problem that has been inherant in our culture as humans for mellenia.
    Hmmph. I guess I’m just being a sensitive woman. Must be PMS or something, I should probably put on my burqa if I decide to go out this weekend and wear my shot-gun just in case.

    Guess what EPS? Rape happens. But it does not happen because women dress a certain way. If that were true we wouldn’t have laws protecting victims in the courtrooms from being asked questions about whether or not they were asking for it. No one ever asks to be raped. It’s a societal sickness that needs to change and I, as a feminist, am not going to dress they way that someone else deems safe because some man cannot control his behaviors.

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