Feministing Rocks!

We’ve talked up Feministing before and if you haven’t dropped by to check out that awesome feminist resource, you definitely should. Here’s what they’d been posting today:

From Unapologetic fat people, coming soon to your living room:

Huge, a new show about teens at fat camp, and that stars Hairspray‘s Nikki Blonsky, premieres next week on ABC Family. Judging by this interview with Blonsky, and by the promos, this show is going to do its best to break the mold. Seriously, how often do you hear lines like “everyone wants us to hate our bodies. Well, I refuse to” in the mainstream media? How often do you hear a fat person saying, proudly and without remorse, that they have no intention of losing any weight? Needless to say, I’m pretty excited about Huge. In her interview with The Frisky, Blonsky says,

Huge is groundbreaking because it has never been done before. I don’t think there’s ever been a full cast of plus-size people before. Now there is and kids can tune and say, “Hey, those people look like me and they’re going through the same issues I’m going through.” In this show, we don’t just deal with, “Oh, let’s go jogging and swim 20 laps and lose 30 lbs.” It’s not about that. I mean, eventually as you watch the show, you’re going to forget it’s about a weight-loss camp. You’re just going to get so invested in the characters. We deal with everything from eating disorders to body issues to sexual orientation to everything that every teenager is going through right now.Imagine that, fat people depicted as normal people dealing with issues other than being fat! Sounds pretty great, though of course I’ll reserve judgment until I’ve actually seen a few episodes.

From How texting plays a role in dating violence:

The Washington Post has a pretty informative piece about how texting has become a weapon in dating violence. “Textual harassment” (not a huge fan of the name, I must say) has been on the up and up, whether it be used to double and triple check a person’s location, make insults or deliver mobile-based threats that precede actual violence:

Harassment is “just easier now, and it’s even more persistent and constant, with no letting up,” says Claire Kaplan, director of sexual and domestic violence services at the University of Virginia.

From Does Rape-aXe prevent sexual assault?:

We’ve discussed Rapex (now Rape-aXe) before. A South African doctor invented the anti-rape condom that is meant for women to keep inserted inside themselves so when they’re sexually assaulted, the device latches onto a rapist’s penis. Well, it looks like the device is making its rounds in the media once again (because you know, penis traps are catchy — no pun intended). But how effective is it really?

We all want to develop new ways to prevent sexual assault and hold offenders accountable — so if this condom helps one woman, that is incredible. But it’s also problematic in a number of ways, including the fact that it’s not completely effective in preventing sexual assault — after all, the person wearing it would still be assaulted. This is also not to mention that there is more than one way a person can be raped.

Perhaps more importantly, the condom seems to support the idea that women are solely responsible for their own safety and doesn’t address ways that we can be preventing men from raping; it just has women anticipate it.

That’s just a sampling of the excellent daily posting that can be found on Feministing, so check it out!

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