Sexual Harassment in Delhi

A government-backed study conducted in the Indian capital, Delhi, found that two in every three women there had faced sexual harassment in the last year. This is likely a conservative estimate. The most common forms of harassment included lewd comments, staring and leering, and touching and groping. Harassment occurred both in public and private lace, with teenage student and women working in the informal sector experience harassment most frequently. Overall, Delhi women feel unsafe in their city and these results make it clear why.

While this study shows that sexual harassment has reached incredibly disturbing levels in India, sexual harassment is much further-reaching and experienced by women all over the world. No study of the same variety has been conducted here in Edmonton, but it’s likely that if it were we would find that the majority of women here have also been sexually harassed at some point in the past year.

While the Indian study claims that absent street lights, unusable pavement, and lack of public toilets are some of  the main reasons for the danger women face, the reality is that social structures much more so than infrastructure is what continues to put women at risk around the globe.

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