Threat of rape in Kenyan slums leads to disease

Rape and the threat of rape are used to incite fear as tools of oppression. Here in Canada most women have been told at some point to never walk at night alone or to avoid wearing revealing clothing. Even if these things really did prevent rape, which they don’t, the fact remains that threat of assault and assault is being used to limit women’s actions, in this case confine them to their houses or make them dependent on a chaperon and limit their clothing options to only that which has been deemed unsexual.

In the slums of Nairobi, Kenya, the risk of rape is high and the lengths women must go to avoid it extreme.

[Amnesty International] said women and girls were afraid to leave their shacks at night. As a result they were risking contracting diseases such as dysentery and cholera…

About 60% of Nairobi residents, about two million people, live in slums with limited access to water and sanitation.

Amnesty criticised a lack of policing in the shantytowns and the government’s failure to enforce planning laws and regulations.It called on the Kenyan government to address violence against women and to ensure women’s access to sanitation and public security services.

Read more here.

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