Today’s Show: News

Today on Adamant Eve Sam brought us three news stories. Here’s more info on those:

  • Long Census Form Scrapped – The long census form portion of the 2011 Canadian Census has been scrapped by the Conservatives who kept the change under wraps and held no consultations on the issue. The information gathered through the long census involves migration, work, childcare, family life, and income and is important for government and community group programming. Read more on CBC. Here are emails for those of you who want to protest the change: MP Tony Clement (oversees StatCan) – and PM Stephen Harper –
  • Dexamethasone – This potentially dangerous drug is being given to pregnant women to prevent against some symptoms, namely ambiguous genitalia, of congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH) in baby girls. Ambiguous genitalia is not a health concern and medical interventions like dex or surgery are unnecessary.  They only succeed at soothing societal anxiety over naturally variant bodies that do not fit into rigid, mythical gender categories. Read more on Time.
  • Gender and the BP Oil Spill – Mac McClelland of Mother Jones reports on the Post-Spill Trauma being endured by fisherman’s wives in Louisiana. On the show we talked about how gender is implicated in the reactions to and consequences of the spill, but you can read the original, full article here.

For more news, browse the blog. We’ve posted lots in the last little while and it’s worth a perusal!

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