Live show headlines

On our last show, Sam talked about the Conservative’s decision to cut the long-form census and how this will hurt women and all Canadians. Losing the information the long-form collects means all levels of government, as well as NGOS, will be unable to accurately plan programs to meet people’s needs. Questions about the amount of unpaid work people do have also been removed, effectively erasing the work of caregiving and housekeeping, which are still largely done by women.

Why the long census matters  (Toronto Star)

Census change devalues women’s unpaid work (Toronto Star)

Voluntary census deletes questions about unpaid work (Globe and Mail)

Laura told us about Fiona Johnstone’s victory at the Human Rights Tribunal. Johnstone filed a complaint after her employer, the Canadian Border Services Agency, refused to accommodate her with a fixed schedule which she needed to obtain childcare. Other employees had been accommodated for different reasons, but there was ‘an un-written policy’ that said childcare was not an acceptable reason. Johnstone challenged this discrimination and won her case, setting an exciting precedent.

Working mother wins human rights decision (CBC)

Ruling backs working mother’s case  (Ottawa Citizen)

Sarah started us off on a discussion of Time magazine’s decision to use the face of an Afghani woman who had been mutilated on their cover with the headline “What Happens if We Leave Afghanistan”. We critiqued the use of women’s bodies to promote war, the colonial narrative that suggest men from the West are heroes rescuing women from ‘un-civilized’ men, and the way the magazine depicts other countries and cultures as sexist while being silent on the gendered violence that occurs in the West.

 The real story behind Time’s Afghan woman cover: American complicity (RAWA, the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan)

On Time’s “Courageous” Cover (Feministing)

TIME’s Cover, the CIA and Afghan Women (Firedoglake)

Afghan Women Have Already Been Abandoned (The Nation)

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