Update – Avaaz vs. Fox News North

If you haven’t already, you can sign the petition against Fox News North through the below post.

You can also donate to Avaaz here.

Our petition to stop “Fox News North” from getting special access to our cable fees has exploded to over 75,000 signatures in less than a week!

In response, the media giant behind the new network has launched a full scale attack on Avaaz with smear pieces attacking us in their own newspapers. Their lawyers are threatening to sue us if we don’t change our petition within 24 hours!

They’ve given us a 24 hour ultimatum: Let’s show them their intimidation tactics will backfire, and send a clear message back by raising a large campaign fund by their own deadline.

The Stop “Fox News North” campaign fund will be used to investigate the fraudulent attack on the petition, press our message in the media, hire a legal team, and expand our tiny team to take the campaign to a new level.

The more money we donate, the stronger message we send.

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