Greyhound Update

On last week’s show we read part of an email from one of our listeners about problems at the Calgary bus depot:

I had a horrid experience with the security at greyhound in calgary not long ago. They usually do security checks before passengers board the bus involving checking your luggage and purses and a wand search like at the airport. When I went through one of the guards poked me in the crotch area and buttocks area with the wand. This was totally uncalled for. They are supposed to wave the wand over you,not touch you with it. He said he did it by accident while he sat on a table chewing gum and blowing bubbles. He had a weird smirk on his face too. Another time I went through and was told to smile by one of their guards which I refused to do. He gave me a dirty look. So there is definite sexual discrimination and abusive treatment of women there.

She sent us some further information to pass on:

Re my complaint abut being sexually assaulted at calgary greyhound, the description of the driver who touched me with the wand is as follows: about 5 ft. 10″, East Indian, short dark brown hair and eyes, slender build. The guard who told me to smile is over 6 ft. 2″, white, 250-300 lbs., short light brown hair which falls just over his ears. Please alert the public on their descriptions. Thank you.

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