News Links for Jan 7 Show

Rape after the Haitian Earthquake:
you can read the story on BBC or Democracy Now

Another Mass Rape in Congo, check out the story here

For the debate on the Sexy Girls in French Vogue
here’s a few pictures that were published:
french vogue
french vogue
french vogue
here’s what some blogs are saying:

Moms Today

What’s your opinion on the French Vogue spread??

2 thoughts on “News Links for Jan 7 Show

  1. Wow Sam I think you summed it up pretty well! haha.

    Doesn’t the “gift under the tree” photo completely objectify that girl by making her a present? Lol I wonder who asked for a sexy 8 year old girl for Christmas. pervy.

    Also the more I see these photo’s the more I’m disturbed by the reoccurring animal theme…

  2. I think what should make us uncomfortable and unhappy about the vogue spread is really the same reasons that make us unhappy about fully grown women in the same roles. It is not a sexual role, its a -subordinate- sexual role in which women need to put in a ridiculous amount of money and work to look attractive. We end up understanding these girls as existing as objects, sex objects, for men to pursue. The reason this is more problematic for girls than for women is because they are even less powerful and even more subordinated in society.

    What shouldn’t make us unhappy about this spread is the idea of children, especially girls, as sexual beings. Understanding girls as asexual is equally problematic. This spread fails to present girls as sexual in a positive way involving personal pleasure and agency, but that doesn’t mean young girls being sexual is a problem in itself. Girls being sexual objects is.

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