Women’s Right’s Activist, Susana Chavez, Murdered

From Democracy Now, find the story here.

descriptions of violence.

Women’s Rights Activist Slain in Ciudad Juárez

In Mexico, funeral services have been held for a prominent women’s rights activist and poet brutally murdered in the border city of Ciudad Juárez earlier this month. Thirty-six-year-old Susana Chavez was an outspoken advocate for justice in the scores of unsolved killings of women in Ciudad Juárez. She was killed last week after being beaten and asphyxiated, her body found lying in a street. Mexican writer and activist Armina Arjona paid tribute to Chavez.

Armina Arjona: “It’s still the time of femicides, and the irony is that she died in a violent way, she who was always outspoken about violence in the city. She also took part in many marches. She wrote and raised her voice in favor of women, above all.”

Chavez helped popularize the slogan “Not One More Death” in leading protests against hundreds of unsolved killings and rapes of Mexican women. She belonged to a group founded by relatives and friends of the dead.

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