Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Undergraduate Conference

Check out the FGSS Undergrad Conference next Friday February 11th from 8:30-6:30 at Assiniboia Hall at the University of Alberta. Here is the full schedule:

FGSS Undergraduate Conference Programme

Session I: Legacies of Race and Indigeneity 8:45-9:50

Rosalee Averin (English and Film Studies): “Entrapping Legacy: Inescapable Inheritance in Gayl Jones’ Corregidora”

Roxanne Runyon (Women’s Studies): “Two Spirit identities and the (De?)Colonizing Potential of Queer Theories”

Andrea Dyck (English/Religion/Philosophy—Augustana): “Sharing a Circle: The Role of Aboriginal Women’s Narrative in the Creation of Compassion.”

Session II: The Body in Public 10:00-11:00

Alexandra Melnychuk (English and Film Studies): “Queering Discourses Surrounding LGBT Teen Suicide”

Sam Kriviak (Women’s Studies): “Pornography as Feminist Activism”

Mark Vetsch (Drama): Pecha Kucha: “The Human Body Project – Art or Sex on Stage?”

Session III: Early Modern Women Making History 11:15-12:30

Ian Waddell (History):”The Many Facets of Margaret Cavendish: Conflicts and Tensions within The Blazing-World”.

Lenora Elkin (Art and Design): “Mad Madge Wasn’t Wonky; The Possibility of a Posthumous Diagnosis Of ADHD for Margaret Cavendish”

Alana Kornelsen (Music): “Hildegard of Bingen and the Inclusion of Women in Music History”

LUNCH (Courtesy of the Women’s Studies Program) 12:30-1:00

Session IV: Feminist Acculturations 1:00-2:15

Megan Schaub (English and Film Studies): “Breaking Down Breaking Dawn: The Twilight Saga and its Place Within Modern Thought on Gender and Sexuality in North America”

Sarah Dawson (English and Film Studies): “Body, Language, and Art, in Sally Potter’s Thriller and The Tango Lesson”

Heather Macklem (English and Film Studies): “’Do I Terrify?’: The Poetry of an Outsider”

Session V: The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same? Sexual Assault in a Brave New World 2:30-3:20

Kiran Kang (Political Science/Women’s Studies): “Fashionable Feminism or Re-Glossing of Old Myths?: The Mediation of Sexual Assault in Seventeen Magazine”

Stacey Hyde (Women’s Studies/Psychology): “A New Silence: Feminism and Sexual Assault in Neoliberal Times”

Session VI: Engendering Masculinity 3:30-5:00

Ben Rollans (Sociology/Women’s Studies): “Medicalizing Masculinity: how medical understandings of masturbation and erectile dysfunction construct masculinity”

Katherine Cole (Biology): “Canadian Sea Cadet Camps: The Limitations of Gender Neutrality Within the Context of Traditional Masculine Values”

Karmen Kisser (Psychology): “What about nature? The interaction of nature and culture in masculinity”

Art Opening and Reception: 5:00-6:30

Women’s Studies Space, Garden Level Assiniboia Hall

Sponsored by the Women’s Studies Program at the University of Alberta

Find the facebook event here.

2 thoughts on “Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Undergraduate Conference

    1. We are intending to record as many of the sessions as possible and, as soon as we have somewhere to host audio online (we have been experiencing many technical difficulties with the CJSR site where we used to do this), we will put them up. Unfortunately, due to our limited airtime, we won’t be able to play very many of these presentations on Adamant Eve and certainly not for some time after the event.

      Hopefully that helps!

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