BBC coverage on Honour Killings

Recently BBC has been airing a lot of material on Hina Saleem, a 20 year old woman who was murdered by her family for becoming too ‘western’. Her body was found in buried in her the backyard of her family home in Italy, in Aug 2006.

The new coverage is due to a interview the BBC received with Saleem’s father, Watch the video here.

Also a new book being is released on Saleem in Italy, talking about her death as a “clash of cultures”.

I found the interview quite disturbing, Saleem’s father expressed no regret, referred to his daughter solely as an object and expressed an infuriating self-pity. The BBC’s coverage tries to show both sides of the story, talking about Saleem as the victim of a “clash of cultures”. However, I think that the fact is, Saleem was killed by her family for attempting to live a lifestyle according to her own choices and making your own life decisions should never be a bad thing. Saleem wasn’t a victim of a “clash of cultures” she was a victim of a controlling patriarchal family structure.

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Hina Saleem paid the ultimate price.

A 20-year old Pakistani woman who lived in northern Italy, she was murdered by her father who claimed he was “saving the family’s honour”.

Mohammed Saleem said he didn’t like the way Hina was living her life and told the authorities she brought shame on his family.

So he slit her throat. Twenty-eight times.

“I didn’t want to kill her,” he pleads, “I wanted her to come back home”.

Mohammed Saleem has spoken from his prison cell, where he’s serving 30 years for the murder.

The BBC has been given access to that interview which gives a rare insight into the mind of a perpetrator of “honour killing”.


“I’m a good father,” insists Saleem. “My daughter was good before. She was very, very good. Then, all of a sudden, she changed.”

We continue to underestimate the problem, because these ethnic groups live their own lives with little integration, especially for women”

End Quote Souad Sbai Association of Moroccan Women in Italy

For Mohammed Saleem, the thing that changed, “all of a sudden”, was Hina’s lifestyle. She had come to Italy as an Asian girl, but had grown into a Western woman.

She refused an arranged marriage, she smoked and she lived with an Italian boyfriend. For Hina, this was normal. For her father, this was treason.


read the whole article here.




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