Gender Equality Week UofA

Gender Equality Week UofA runs from March 7-11. Come join us for a week of exciting events centered around gender equality issues. Events include documentaries, workshops, discussions, yoga, slam poetry and a drum circle–a little bit of everything for everyone!

Friday March 4
SIHA “Reusable Pad Making for Tanzanian Women” session (10-4 pm) SUB 4-20

…Monday March 7
SAGA-SAC “Breaking the Myths of Sexual Assault” workshop (5-6 pm) ED 170!/event.php?eid=204881859522332
“Street Talkin'” Hollaback Alberta presentation on street harassment (6-7 pm) ED 170

Tuesday March 8
MIAW “Drum Circle” (4-5 pm) ED 158
SAGA-Traveling Tickle Trunk “Healthy Sex” presentation (5-6 pm) Kiva room ED N 2-103!/event.php?eid=197737433579586

Wednesday March 9
WUSC “Stories of Resilient Women” documentary screening of Africa Rising and discussion on female genital mutilation (5-6:30 pm) ETLC 1-003
Slam Poetry night (7 pm-late) Remedy Cafe 8631 – 109 Street

Thursday March 10
Canadian Red Cross “Women Facing War: A Video & Discussion” screening and discussion (5-6:30 pm) ED 206

Friday March 11
“Rebelles of Edmonton” presenting on a Pan Canadian Gathering of Feminists (4-6 pm) CAB 265!/home.php?sk=group_122815467787951&ap=1

All Week
WUSC “Yoga for Change” MWF (11-1 pm) TR (12-2 pm) Kiva room Ed N 2-103

Put on by the U of A student groups: WUSC, SAGA, STAND, SIHA, Canadian Red Cross, Rights & Democracy, Adamant Eve, Music is a Weapon, Hollaback Alberta, Rebelles of Edmonton

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