Dance Dance Revolution: A Fundraiser for the G20 Legal Defense Fund

APIRG and Council of Canadians, U of A Chapter present…

Dance Dance, Revolution: A G20 Legal Defense Fund Fundraiser

Friday, April 8th, 2011
…Doors open at 8pm
The Artery, 9535-Jasper Ave, Edmonton, AB
Tickets are available online at:
And at the APIRG office – 9111 HUB Mall, University of Alberta Campus.
For more info email Jess at

“We can close our eyes but we can’t close our ears.”

The hip hop communities of Edmonton and Toronto will be coming together on April 8th for a night to support those still under charges related to 2010’s G20 Summit. In addition to amazing local talent from the People’s Poets and DJ CreeAsian, we have Test Your Logik, a Toronto duo that until recently was forbidden to see one another – part of their bail conditions after they were charged under G20-related offenses (for more info please see below).

Test Their Logik recently had the charges against them dropped and are making Edmonton a stop on their cross-Canada/ Turtle Island tour!

This is a fundraiser for the G20 Legal Defense Fund, a hip hop/ dance party, and a celebration of the spirit of solidarity that has sprung up since June’s protests.

Don’t know much about the G20 – this is a great place to find out! We will have information there and Test Their Logik will be speaking about their experiences.

Added to this amazing line-up are two live painters who will be auctioning off their work – Carla Gilday and Joe Clarke, and local trance DJ Tommy Kalita will finish off our night with some heavy beats!

Tickets are available online at:

And at the APIRG office – 9111 HUB Mall, University of Alberta Campus.

For more info email Jess at

— — —

More about the G20 Legal Defense Fund:
The G20 Legal Defense Fund Needs Your Help!

The G20 Legal Defense Fund needs donations to support those arrested at the G20. You can support the detainees´ legal costs and help alleviate some of the other costs of navigating the court system, and help us keep organizing. The fund will be distributing the funds to those with the most need, prioritizing those still in custody on serious charges. The MDC is not organizing or administering this fund, but we hope that you will dig deep to support the continued fight against the criminalization of dissent!

Read more for details on how to contribute!

From June 25-27, elites from the world´s most powerful economies met in Huntsville and Toronto to draft policies to further exploit the environment and people, bolstering the systems that sustain colonialism, wars and displacement. Tens of thousands of people mobilized in a historic weeklong convergence in opposition to these policies. Daily demonstrations highlighted struggles for Indigenous sovereignty; environmental justice; migrant justice; an end to war and occupation; community control over resources; gender justice; and queer and disability rights.

Over $1.2 billion was spent on security, the most in G20 summit history, which paid for a dizzying array of weaponry and nearly 20,000 police-plus a security fence that turned Toronto into a fortress to host a select few and a police state to terrorize the rest of us.

Nearly 1,000 people, protesters and bystanders alike, were detained-the largest mass arrests in Canadian history. They were held for long periods in makeshift cages in deplorable conditions, most without timely access to legal counsel. Many had been simply caught up in massive police sweeps of public areas. Others were woken at gunpoint while sleeping. Others were picked up at their homes. Some of those arrested are still in custody. Fifteen face serious charges. Many of these are long-time community organizers.

We need to support all of those arrested during the G20 summit. We must continue to mobilize and build greater solidarity among our communities. An important part of this will be supporting our courageous allies still in detention.

— — —

More about Test Their Logik:

This March through June, Toronto’s most notorious revolutionary hip-hop artists; “Test Their Logik” will be touring across the portion of Turtle Island known as “Kanada” with theirlong-awaited debut album. They are looking to connect with communities large and small on this journey in order to help develop links between communities, do shows to bring together radical minds, offer workshops for mind and body, and inspire people to imagine radical transformation and freedom.

Test Their Logik is made up of two revolutionary MC’s: Testament and Illogik. The pair were recently charged with conspiracy and other indictable offences for a widely-distributed music video they made titled “Crash The Meeting” which encouraged resistance to Toronto’s G20 summit. After 5 months of non-association conditions, these charges were stayed, and the duo are once again able to record and tour together.

Looking to tell their stories and listen to others across this land, they plan on hitting the road with their music, radical literature, workshops and talks. In past tours they have done shows large and small in bars, basements, alternative venues, community centres, schools, and auditoriums. Reaching out to urban and rural, indigenous and settler, young and old, and people of all walks of life and backgrounds, Test Their Logik is breaking the barriers imposed on them. In addition to performing their powerful thought-provoking music,Test Their Logik are happy to speak on the current state and potential of hip-hop, art and resistance.

Testament can also speak on power from below, resistance and repression, and leaderless organizing, with the G20 as a case in study. He can also lead a report-back workshop from his fact-finding trip to Palestine last year. Illogik is a certified and trained yoga instructor and martial arts practitioner who combines the ideas of both into ‘warrior yoga” sessions, basic self-defence workshops, as well as anti-oppression trainings.

“The ways we can connect are endless, the point is that we make contact with each other, build our capacity for grassroots power, lay down roots and build the networks that we will need in the future.”

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