Kate Reid and Evalyn Parry TONIGHT at the Junction – $15

April 22, 2011 @ 8pm @ the Junction (10242-106 street), $15

“And I laugh when people tell me they don’t want to be extreme
And I say think of this: misogyny’s extreme
And patriarchy’s extreme and homophobia’s extreme
And hatred is extreme and rape is extreme
And unconsciousness is extreme
And consciousness is extreme
And feeling is extreme and freedom is extreme
And choice is extreme and self-love is extreme”

— Kate Reid

“And this revolution turns into a battlefield,
they have a tea party while we try to break down the wall.
Inside some people the revolution disappears,
and maybe that’s just apathy, or maybe it’s just easier,
or maybe it’s the reason that we’re gonna fall.”

— Evalyn Parry


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