Kindred House

Edmonton Journal writer Codi Wilson ( has an excellent piece up today on Kindred House which serves women and trans sex workers in Edmonton’s inner city. I love when victim blaming is challenged and discrimination is called out in the mainstream media!

“Sometimes a john picks them up and is violent and beats them,” Hohendorff said. “When you’re a working girl, you don’t tend to report it.”

Hohendorff said many of the women internalize the abuse and blame themselves.

“They think it is their fault for being on the street. You know the mentality, how do you rape a prostitute,” she said.

These women struggle every day to survive, not knowing where they’ll eat or sleep next, Hohendorff said. Though Kindred House is not a shelter, it is a place for them to avoid glaring eyes of judgment and prejudice for a couple of hours.

“These women face transphobia, incest, racism, every kind of ism there is,” Hohendorff said.

Addiction runs rampant in the group and many spend every cent they earn on drugs.

“The drug is (their) best friend because it takes the pain away,” Hohendorff said. “We see a lot of sad stories, but these people are warriors. They are amazingly resilient.”

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