Anti-Choice MPs

The Abortion Coalition of Canada put together this list of which MPs in Canadian parliament are anti-choice. Check it out! Know whether your representative is and let them know how you feel.

These Edmonton representatives are on the list either for their voting record or other reasons:

  • Laurie Hawn – Edmonton Centre
  • Peter Goldring – Edmonton East
  • James Rajotte – Edmonton Leduc
  • Mike Lake – Edmonton Millwoods-Beaumount
  • Tim Uppal – Edmonton Sherwood Park
  • Rona Ambrose – Edmonton Spruce Grove (Minister for Status of Women)
  • Leon Benoit – Vegreville-Wainwright
  • Blaine Calkins – Wetaskiwin
  • Rob Merrifield – Yellowhead

Brent Rethgeber (Edmonton Spruce Grove) is listed as unknown and Linda Duncan (Edmonton Strathcona) is pro-choice.

Which means that at least 9 out of 11 Edmonton representative feel that they have the right to make your medical decisions on your behalf and do not value your choice in how you respond to the possibility of a 9-month long process of pregnancy followed by labour. I don’t know about you, but that is something that concerns me.

Contact them and get on their cases! They are your MPs too.

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