News from around the web

Elle Noir, a woman who was the victim of a shooting in Halifax, is saying that the attack was a hate crime directed at her because she is transgendered.

“They were yelling, ‘Tranny faggot, open the door, let us in, let us in,’ which leads me to believe they knew who I was. I’m in a second-floor apartment. You know, you have to have a security key to get into the building.

“Obviously it was 100 per cent hatred.”

Government funding levels are leading the Edmonton School Board to cut up to 345 jobs.

A microbicide gel that would help to prevent HIV (and has, of course, faced funding problems) also increases sexual pleasure for women.

Several Yukon women’s groups are witnessing the code of conduct hearing of two RCMP officers who were acquitted of sexual assault by territorial court in 2010, hoping to see them held accountable.

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