Strike Update

After being faced with a 48 hour deadline prior to being legislated back to work (a deadline that was unreasonable and infringed on workers rights given that no public disruption had occurred and the strike had only lasted a day) CAW, the union that represents Air Canada workers, has instead reached a tentative agreement. We’ll keep you updated on what that means for those workers rights.

The tentative agreement between the airline and the Canadian Auto Workers came as the walkout entered its third day, creating some slowdowns and delays for travellers, but no major upheavals. The federal government had already given notice, however, that it was preparing back-to-work legislation.

The union representing 3,800 workers had made headway on issues involving pay, but had said it couldn’t agree to Air Canada’s demand for a change in pensions for new employees.

Air Canada wanted new hires to be included in a defined-contribution plan instead of the defined-benefit plan that current employees have, because that would potentially save the airline money.

Any settlement would have to be ratified by the membership.

CUPW, the postal workers union, has a number of statements up on their website following lockout and the threat of back-to-work-legislation. Definitely check them out.

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