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CAW and CUPW Strikes

Canada Post and Air Canada Strikes have drawn attention to workers rights and the labour movement in Canada, and the necessity of decent wages and pensions, and improved health and safety for those who make both service-based companies run, over large financial pay off for those making money off of those workers.

CAW, the union that represents Air Canada workers, has reached a tentative agreement with Air Canada after being forced to move quickly. They had been in negotiations with Air Canada for 12 weeks but were only a few hours into a strike that was causing no major problems for air travel when the conservative government began to introduce back-to-work legislation. This is a move that many have called an attack on workers rights and an unprecedented intrusion into free collective bargaining. Despite this pressure, CAW reached agreement on most aspects of wages, pensions, and benefits. The issue of pensions for new hires has remained unresolved and will go to arbitration. Ken Lewenza, president CAW, apologized to future Air Canada workers for being unable to successfully secure a defined benefits plan for them. While workers are now back on the job, the agreement still has to be ratified by them in the next few days

Postal workers are facing similar back-to-work legislation. Conservative Labor Minister Lisa Raitt says that the legislation will be introduced into parliament next week and signed in to law as early as Thursday. You can contact her raitt.l@parl.gc.ca. Prior to being locked out by Canada Post, postal workers had been avoiding a nation wide strike with rotating walkouts and continued to deliver the mail. Since being locked out by Canada Post, the Conservative government has moved to legislate them back to work. CUPW, the Canadian Union of Postal Workers, met with Canada Post President Deepak Chopra yesterday, but after 10 months of negotiations their demands have still have not been met.

For the history of CUPW’s feminism and for speeches from the postal worker picket lines, listen to our last show. You can also watch the speeches by themselves here.


Saudi Arabia is the only country in the world where patriarchy takes the form of a ban on women driving. A number of women in the country got behind the wheel today to protest that ban. You can follow the protests on facebook, twitter, and youtube.

Domestic Violence and Animal Cruelty

Many studies in Canada and the US have shown a link between domestic violence and animal cruelty. This link appears in a number of ways. People who seek power and control by inflicting suffering on others will act on both pets and on human family members as well, so animal cruelty and domestic violence are seen side by side. Threats towards pets are also used as a means of controlling human family members by the abuser. And furthermore, many victims of domestic violence remain in an abusive situation out of concern for the safety of their pets or livestock. The SPCA is currently conducting another study on the topic. They are looking for participants who have experienced domestic violence that impacted their pets or livestock and who may have been effected by the concern for their animal in deciding whether to seek safety. If you would like to participate, please contact Donna at 403-650-4608 or email spcaresearch@gmail.com.

More information on legal resources for domestic violence survivors who fear for their animals here.

Rene Gunning and Krystle Knott

The remains found alongside Rene Gunning in May are those of Krystle Knott who disappeared with her in February of 2005. Knott was sixteen when she went missing. Gunning was nineteen. Both deaths are unsurprisingly being considered suspicious with no word yet of a suspect.


Tar Sands

Louise spoke about International Day of Action Against the Tar Sands and the Ft. McMurray Healing Walk

Feminist Bodybuilding

Melanie spoke with Dr. Lianne McTavish of Feminist Figure Girl.


Louise promoted Utopia and played Not Paying Attention by Janet Panic, a Metis singer songwriter.


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