News: Aboriginal Inclusion in Human Rights Act, Socialist NDP, and Niqab in Court

A federal law change will mean that the Canadian Human Rights Act will now apply to band councils’ and the federal government’s actions towards Aboriginal people living on reserves. Structural inequalities though will cause problems in its implication.

“It’s been a source of continuing criticism of Canada by the United Nations for having this discriminatory practice in their legislation,” Crowder said from Ottawa.

But the band councils coming under the Human Rights Act will cause difficulties due to a lack of education and resources, she said.

“Part of my concern has been that some people may file human rights complaints because of a housing allocation but the bands don’t have resources to provide everyone on their housing lists with housing,” Crowder said.

The change in law “opens up a huge can of worms,” Crowder said.

The NDP are debating removing their socialist label, but leader Jack Layton argues to maintain historic ties to the labour movement. I, for one, agree.

At the party’s national convention in Vancouver on Saturday, the NDP leader credited the party’s tight relationship with unions for the historic gains made in the May 2 election.

Layton said it makes little sense to change a relationship that was responsible for the party’s founding 50 years ago and has been so integral to its success since.

A woman is being asked to remove her niqab, in other words undress, while testifying against her uncle and cousin for repeated sexually abusing her as a child. As if our justice system weren’t inaccessible enough already for women, and especially women of colour, who have experienced sexual violence.


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