News from around the web – websites for women, baby boys more desirable than baby girls, macho ideals bad for men’s health

Forbes published their second annual Top 100 Websites for Women. Most of the picks have to do with business and money, but Jezebel, Feministing, Feministe, Ms. Magazine, and Our Bodies Our Blog made the list.

In a survey done 10 times from 1941 until 2011 the question was posed to Americans which sex they’d prefer their child to be. Every time, boys won out.

A news study reports that the more men endorse stereotypically macho ideals, the less likely they are to seek preventative health care. The researchers say the findings help explain why men, on average, don’t live as long as women despite their socioeconomic advantage. This is a good example of how patriarchy isn’t good for anyone.

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