GOOD Media – a good website!

With my discovery of Good Media comes a list of articles for you to peruse.

These two articles talk about the American prison and health care systems respectively, but they are applicable reads for those of us living in a country that seems to be trying to become like America and which shares the same racist, classist, and sexist power hierarchies.

Light-Skinned Black Women Receive Shorter Prison Sentences Than Dark Women

Home Births Are on the Rise, Now How Do We Make Them Accessible?

And for those of you who are vegans, or aspiring vegans, or vegans-when-you-can-be, etc.:

Vegan Sex: Animal-Friendly Ways to Get It On

As a note, the article claims that “Other than vegan condoms, the only reliable option for preventing pregnancy is sterilization.” This is of course not true. Check out our recent post on fertility charting for another, less invasive option.

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