Traveling Tickle Trunk Workshops – July Schedule

Looking to try something sexy? Mark your calendars because The Traveling Tickle Trunk, an awesome woman-positive sex shop, is offering these workshops in July:

  • BDSM 101 – July 23rd, 1:30 pm – $25 ($40 for two – bring a friend!)
“Exploring the world of BDSM can be a daunting experience given the social taboos and the sometimes very sensational and exaggerated material found on the web. Where did it start, who were the originators, and why was it such a taboo. Knowledge helps with understanding, and understanding removes fears.  Rusty explains the history, and how it has developed and what it really means to us today. The medical/legal community’s acceptance and the reasons why it can be a part of a healthy sexual relationship that is built on trust and eroticism. In a fun open minded workshop, you will understand the benefits, the safety issues, the local scene, the basic rules for play, and  tips and tricks to give you the confidence to play with your partner, or join in with the local community. “
  • Female Orgasm 101 – July 27th, 6pm – $25 ($40 for two – bring a friend!)
“Learn all about the anatomy and physiology of the female orgasm, common barriers that hold women back from having satisfying orgasms, and how to overcome them. Learn tips on having more frequent and intense orgasms.”

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