Postal Union Taking Battle to Court

CUPW is going to fight the legislation the federal government passed forcing postal workers back to work in court.

Gerry Deveau, national director for the Ontario region of the CUPW, says Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms contains the right to belong to a union and Canada’s labour code protects the right to collective bargaining.

It’s on those grounds, the union wants to file a legal challenge, he said.

The court case will target one of the main sticking points over the bill — the wage settlements.

The government legislated a wage increase of 1.57 per cent, which is lower than the 1.9 per cent that Canada Post had put on the table earlier this month in negotiations with its workers.

“We want to challenge the government legislating us back to work at less than what the corporation offered at a time when the cost of living is far greater than what the government has imposed upon us,” Deveau said.

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