Heads Up: Man has assaulted 9 women downtown

We are spreading the message that there has been at least 9 sexual assaults in downtown Edmonton over the past week presumably by the same man. From the Edmonton Journal:

Edmonton police are looking for a man who has been inappropriately touching women downtown.

The man has been approaching women from behind, touching them, then fleeing. He is believed to have been involved in nine sexual assaults in the city since June 28, with his latest incident Tuesday. The attacks occurred between 102nd Street and 107th Street, Jasper Avenue and 104th Avenue. The man is an aboriginal male, 5’8” to 6’ feet tall, with unkempt hair. He was wearing a black baseball cap with a white logo and a back pack at the time of the attacks.

It is the responsibility of everyone to stop these assaults from happening. If you know this person, witness an attack, or know people who might act similarly make it clear that this is an unacceptable, criminal act of violence.

Also, here is the information for sexual assault centres in the Edmonton area for anyone who might need their services.

UPDATE: Edmonton police have charged the man they believe is responsible.

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