News: Immigrant Women’s Integration Network, Life Chapters and New Friendships, and Diversity in the Media

Through their weekly meetings, the network helps women determine what they have to offer and achieve the skills they need to find success in their new lives. The meetings give women a safe place to talk about family problems, practice their English and learn how to access the resources available.

The “friends” we counted on to share soccer game snack duty, middle school carpool duty, or high school dance chaperone duty are no longer a regular, rotating part of our lives. As some of these “pseudo-friendships,” as one woman termed them, fall away, we enter a stage where we can more clearly explore the person we are and the friendships that would best energize and more fully satisfy us. Letting go of our children and the friends that were a fundamental element of the childrearing period of our lives can be painful for some of us, but cathartic for others.

One woman described it as totally liberating. She said that she was eager to cut the ties to her daughter’s friends’ narrow-minded and rigid parents. She felt that the putting away of her daughter’s high school cheerleading uniform was the opportunity to tuck away a treasured part of her own identity that had reached fruition and a necessary ending.

By gracefully exiting friendships that were built on shared calendars rather than shared authenticity, we are better positioned to develop genuine and more personally fulfilling friendships.

With its terse, witty prose and worldliness, The Economist is considered by many to be the most sophisticated newsmagazine going. Which is why it was surprising when the publication yesterday declared that the opinions of white men are pretty much all that matters. Not that any Economist editor or spokesperson technically said those words, but what else is one supposed to glean from the mag’s new “Ideas Arena” section on the news industry, in which only one of five “invited experts” is not a white man from America or Western Europe?

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