News: Sex Work Poster Campaign, Julyna, and the Media and the CUPW Strike

  • Stepping Stone, an advocacy group for sex workers, has been putting up posters around Halifax with the aim of humanizing the people who do sex work. Not quite sure all their posters are of white people though – the sex workers who tend to be most dehumanized are people of colour.

  • Some thoughts on Julyna (think July +Vagina and then the whole idea of Movember) over at Shameless Magazine.

And now there is Julyna, in which we groom* our pubic hair (as society generally pressures us to do anyway) and tell people about it for a good cause. It is further sexualisation of women’s health issues.

The sexualisation of women’s health issues is problematic because it not only reflects the deplorable way in which women are treated and (under)valued in society, but also perpetuates and further normalizes such treatment. This approach acknowledges, operates on, and thereby validates the premise that women are only as attention-worthy as they are sexually appealing (according to patriarchal standards of femininity, of course).

  • A discussion of the CUPW strike, subsequent Conservative action, and workers’ rights in Canada and the role the media played in all this.

With 16 straight years of profitability, including record profits in 2009 and postage rates lower than almost all other industrialized countries, the Canada Post negotiations should have been relatively easy. But it’s Tory times in Canada and what better way is there for a right-wing government to attack the labour movement than by going after the Canadian Union of Postal Workers, a national and historically militant union?

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